Sunday, October 18, 2015

Optimum Frequency for Employee Engagement Surveys

A businessman is checking the box with 5 stars to indicate the optimum timing for employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement training organizations like ours that measure employee engagement annually see stronger improvements to engagement than those that survey less frequently. Among 105 organizations in our study, 64 percent that surveyed every year witnessed improvement to engagement scores, compared to 56 percent of organizations that surveyed every other year.

The good news is that the majority of both groups saw improvement in employee engagement. However, the degree to which both groups’ scores improved was drastically different. Organizations that surveyed employees annually saw a 5 times higher increase in their overall composite score than those that didn’t.

Remember that the purpose of measuring employee engagement is to increase employee engagement in order to improve productivity, retention and business performance. Therefore, gathering employee feedback on an annual basis is the first step in nurturing the overall engagement of your organization to drive higher performance. For this reason, we recommend census sampling over random sampling. An employee survey is like an election. A representative sample can predict how the entire electorate will vote. But the more voters who participate in the process, the more invested they are in the outcome.
Employee engagement represents a deep commitment held by employees—leaders and individual contributors alike. It should be measured and molded consistently. There is an optimal frequency for administering engagement surveys, and our study suggests that once per year provides the surest path to improvement in engagement scores.

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