Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Engaging Employees Through Meaningful Recognition

Ever since that first gold star on a homework assignment, we all crave recognition for jobs well done. But the methods of recognition have changed…the “gold star” is not enough.
What does work…what does encourage greater on-the-job effort…what can help motivate employees to strive for excellence? It depends. It depends on the individual, on the team, on the company and on the culture.

There are some constants, however. Employee engagement training experts agree that there are three critical elements to recognition that is sought and valued.

  1. Executive support. Company leadership should understand that a meaningful recognition program has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and engagement. When leaders appreciate superior performance, it will be noticed.

  2. Secure the participation of team managers. With standards for recognizing employees for their work results, managers can raise the visibility of their team and their champion team members.

  3. Opt for recognition criteria that focus on the company’s strategic goals. Align individual behavior with business goals so you encourage the kind of performance that drives overall organizational success.

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