Job Dis-Satisfaction: How Do You Stack Up?

The numbers are worrisome: less than 50% of U.S. employees are satisfied with their jobs.

This is the lowest level of satisfaction in the last 22 years—as long as records have been kept. Rather than job satisfaction, we should call this situation job dis-satisfaction.

Could this simply be a reflection of the sagging economy? Experts say no.

They claim that these numbers show a consistent downward trend that does not track booms nor busts.

What are the ramifications of this statistic? Employees are less engaged in their work which means that turnover is higher and that the cost of doing business is greater; productivity is less and, in the end, consumers feel the brunt of ever-increasing prices.

What can be done? Business leaders are encouraged to assess the extent and causes of their employees’ dissatisfaction and take measures to improve employee engagement. Don’t hide behind rising revenues as the economy improves, take stock and correct what you can to keep your workers engaged and productive.

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