Better Understanding = Better Employee Engagement...2 Simple Ways to Improve

Even the best managers struggle to uncover what their employees are really thinking. As open an organizational culture as you may have created, you still may need a few new communication techniques to draw out your employees and get at any issues that are bothering them. You still may need a path “out of the woods.”

Employee engagement training offers two facilitation techniques for uncovering what is on the minds of your team members. After all, the better they are heard, the more engaged they will be.

1.     Fishbowl.
Set the topic for a team meeting and share it ahead of time with all team members. At the meeting, ask 4 or 5 people to sit together at the front or in the center to discuss the topic. Ask questions and keep the discussion going until all have shared their perspectives. The audience simply listens while a scribe captures the central points. Then the next group of 4 or 5 enters the Fishbowl until everyone has had an opportunity to participate. Sum up the major ideas and then plan a second session to review, prioritize and plan future implementation.

2.     One-on-one interviews.
Schedule interviews with each individual on your team. Identify the reason for the interview and the objective for gathering their feedback. Ensure consistency by scripting a list of questions. Set expectations for candor and confidentiality. Follow up with a report of the feedback to those who participated and share your plan for action or remediation.

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